Frequently Asked Questions

What is the minimum age? 10 years old

What is required in order to play paintball at Xtreme Paintball? Everyone must have an insurance waiver (<-- click to print) filled out completely, and if under 18 years old the player must have their legal guardian's signature on the form also. (waivers must be renewed every March 1st) 

You may also fill a waiver out electronically

  Save Time do Your Waiver Online!

Do I need a reservation to play? If you would like to book a private group or party, then yes you need to call ahead and make reservations. Parties are reserved with a $50 deposit or $5/ person which ever is greater. You may pay the deposit in person on Saturday or Sunday, or with a credit/debit card over the phone.

Every Saturday and Sunday we host walk-on play. Players range from first time players with rentals to experienced players and no reservations are needed for walk-on play. However, if you will be bringing a group larger that 4 that will all need rentals please call ahead for availability.

When is the best time/day to play? Saturday 10-dark and Sunday 12-dark we are open for play. Play begins when 4 or more players have arrived, and ends when there are less than 4 or it gets dark. (which ever comes first) You want to give yourself 2-3 hours to play so after 4pm is usually not the best time. On Saturdays play usually starts by 10:30 at the latest, and by 1pm on Sundays.

Can I bring my own paintballs? Xtreme Paintball is a field paint only facility. We do not allow any paint not purchased from Xtreme Paintball to be used.

What do I wear? Does the paint stain? Usually clothes you won't mind getting dirty or messed up is best. The fields have lots of things to make you messy like dirt, old paint that has accumulated on objects, and everything you find in the woods. The paint generally washes out of dark colors and synthetics, but lighter colors and cotton will stain. The coloring in the paint is like food coloring.

Is paintball safe? Paintball is safer than bowling statistically, as long as the saftey rules are followed. At Xtreme Paintball we are very strict on saftey. All markers (guns) are required to be set below 285 feet per second. There is a 20ft no shoot rule. Goggles are required at all times inside the netted areas, and barrel blocking devices are required everywhere else on the property. All games are supervised by trained reffing staff. Every player is required to attend a saftey briefing their first time playing at Xtreme Paintball.

What modes of fire do you allow? We only allow semi-automatic mode of fire. That means 1 pull of the trigger results in 1 paintball being fired at all times. No burst, full auto, ramping, reactive, etc. modes are allowed. Also guns with excessive trigger bounce will not be allowed.